Program Learning Goals

Program Goals

  • Develop an issues-based approach to anthropological knowledge and practice that emphasizes common topics shared by multiple sub-fields
  • Cultivate an understanding of human cultural and biological similarity and difference across time and space
  • Develop skills to effectively collect, analyze, synthesize, and present anthropological data

Learning Outcomes

  • Possess and apply fundamental anthropological knowledge, including terminology, concepts, intellectual traditions, and theoretical approaches
  • Identify and analyze common topics of research shared by the sub-fields of anthropology
  • Understand ethics and responsibility in the practice of anthropology and in our roles as citizens
  • Understand how ethnographic, archaeological, and biological data, alone or in combination, contribute to our understanding of the human beings past and present
  • Understand both qualitative and quantitative research methods as they apply to anthropological inquiry
  • Possess skills to communicate anthropological knowledge effectively through writing, oral presentation, and data presentation in various formats for diverse audiences