Interdisciplinary Articulation

In order to encourage students to compare, contrast, and consider interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary approaches to primary research themes addressed within the anthropology curriculum, students majoring in Anthropology are encouraged to take at least one upper-division course outside of anthropology within at least one of the four thematic areas listed below. In addition, students may wish to consider additional courses on this list that may satisfy an upper-division GE requirement within SSHA.

Indigeneity, Race, Ethnicity, and the Nation-state

ARTS 122: African American Music of the 20th Century
COGS 150: Language, Cognition and Interaction
ECON 155: Political Economics
GASP 102: Asian American Art
GASP 121/HIST 121: Asian Pacific American Music
GASP 135/HIST 125: African American Music
GASP 175/HIST 126: Race and Nationalism in American Art
HIST 112: History of Islamic Art and Architecture
HIST 116: History of Decolonization in the Twentieth Century
HIST 117: Topics in Regional or State History
HIST 124: African American History from Slavery to Civil Rights
LIT 111: Empire, the Postcolonial and Representation: Reading East and West
LIT 120: Topics in the Literature of Difference
LIT 131: American Literature of the Expanding Nation
LIT 132: American Protest Literature
LIT 136: Literature and Culture of African Americans
LIT 141: British Literature of the Expanding Empire
LIT 150: Topics in Hispanic Literature
LIT 153: Spanish Literature Since the 20th Century
LIT 155: Latin American Colonial Literature
LIT 156: Latin American Literature since the Independence
LIT 157: Caribbean Literature and Cultures
LIT 164: Hispanic Drama and Performing Arts
LIT 185: Literature and Power
LIT 186: Novel of the Latin American Dictator
PHIL 107: Philosophy of Religion
PHIL 108: Political Philosophy
POLI 127: Race, Gender and Politics
POLI 130: Comparative Political Institutions
POLI 135: Comparative Political Behavior
POLI 140: Democratization
POLI 142: Contemporary Chinese Politics
PSY 150: Psychological Perspective on Cultural, Racial and Ethnic Diversity
PSY 151: The Psychology of Stereotyping and Prejudice
PUBP 100: Political Process and Institutions
PUBP 150: Race, Ethnicity and Public Policy
SOC 110: Social Movements, Protest and Collective Action
SOC 115: Political Sociology
SOC 180: Advanced Issues in Race and Ethnicity

Transnationalism, Migration, and Demography

ECON 140: Labor Economics
ECON 150: Economic Development
HIST 112: Topics in the History of Migration and Immigration
LIT 152: The Transatlantic Baroque
LIT 158: Transatlantic Modernismo
LIT 159: Diasporas and Exiles in the Hispanic World
LIT 162: Bilingualism and Borders in Hispanic Literatures
LIT 168: Chicano Literature
LIT 169: U.S. Latino Literature
PUBP 140: Immigration and Public Policy
SOC 180: Chicanos in U.S. Society

Health, Nutrition, and the Environment

BIO 123: Human Parasitology
BIO 125: Emerging Public Health Threats
BIO 145: Introduction to Population and Community Ecology
BIO 149/ESS 149: Conservation Biology
BIO 162: Evolutionary Constraints of Physiology
BIO 185: Biomedical Ethics
BIOE 117: Lab on a Chip: Developing 3rd World Diagnostics for Global Health
ECON 120/ESS141/ENGR 141: Economics of the Environment and Public Policy
ECON 145: Health Economics
ENVE 118: Global Change
ENVE 140: Water Resources Planning and Management
ENVE 132: Air Pollution Control
ENVE 152: Remote Sensing of the Environment
ENVE 160: Sustainable Energy
ESS 124: Terrestrial Ecosystem Ecology
ESS 141/GEOG 141: Environmental Science and Policy
GEOG 142: Geography of Resource Management
HIST 110: Climate Change and World History
HIST 118: Topics in Environmental History
LIT 180: American Nature Writing and Literature of the Environment
PH 100: Introduction to Epidemiology
PH 105: Introduction to the U.S. Healthcare System
PSY 123: Alcohol, Drugs, and Behavior
PSY 147: Health Psychology
PUBP 120: Health Care Policy
PUBP 130: Environmental Policy

Heritage, Tourism, and Public Culture

ARTS 103: History of Ethnic Costume
ARTS 100: History of World Art
ARTS 130: History of World Architecture
GASP 151/HIST 138: Museums and Art Controversies
LIT 112: Literature and History
LIT 125: Literary Genres
WH (all upper division courses)