Mark S. Aldenderfer (Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University, 1977; Professor)
Archaeology, quantitative methods, geographic information systems, hunters and gatherers; Andean Preceramic and Formative, Central Asia, Tibet

Robin Maria DeLugan (Ph.D., UC Berkeley, 2004; Associate Professor; Anthropology Program Chair)
Sociocultural anthropology, collective identity, migration and transnationalism, social memory, indigeneity; El Salvador, California

Kathleen L Hull (Ph.D., UC Berkeley, 2002; Associate Professor)
Archaeology, culture contact and colonialism, hunter-gatherer demography, communal ritual, identity and ethnogenesis, lithics; California, Great Basin

Anneeth Kaur Hundle (Ph.D., University of Michigan, 2013; Assistant Professor)
Sociocultural anthropology; culture and theory; decolonization and globalization; citizenship, sovereignty, community, violence, security; race and ethnicity; transnational feminist theory; gender and sexuality; Uganda, East Africa, South Asian diasporas, Africa-Asia, Global South

Holley Moyes (Ph.D., SUNY Buffalo, 2006; Associate Professor)
Archaeology, religion, sacred space, cave archaeology, leadership strategies, complex societies, humans and environment, archaeology and the public, spatial analysis, GIS; Mesoamerica
Linda-Anne Rebhun (Ph.D., UC Berkeley and San Francisco, 1993; Associate Professor)
Medical anthropology, maternal and child health, economic development, social change, globalization, gender, sexuality, religion, emotion; Latin America, African Diaspora, Nigeria


Christina Torres-Rouff (Ph.D., UC Santa Barbara, 2003; Associate Professor)
Biological anthropology; bioarchaeology; identity, inequality, health, and violence in social and environmental contexts of change; complex societies; Chile



Heather Jarrell (Ph.D., Ohio State University, 2011; Lecturer)
Palaeopathology and human osteology, trauma and health, primate behavior, comparative primate anatomy, medical anthropology, human gross anatomy

Affiliate Faculty in Other Programs

Jayson Beaster-Jones (Associate Professor, Global Arts Studies)

Nancy Burke (Associate Professor, Public Health)

Stephen Wooding (Assistant Professor, Public Health)