Major Requirements

In addition to adhering to the UC Merced and School of Social Science, Humanities and Arts requirements, students in the Anthropology major must also complete at least 48 units in Anthropology courses, as well as one additional 4-unit quantitative reasoning course and one additional 4-unit upper-division interdisciplinary thematic articulation course that may simultaneously fulfill General Education requirements. Courses in the major emphasis must be taken for a letter grade, and may not be taken on a pass/no pass basis unless the course is only offered on a pass/no pass basis. Required courses are:

Lower-Division Major Requirements [16 units]:

Upper-Division Major Requirements [40 units]:


1May not be used to satisfy a general education requiremetn for students in the ANTH major

Meets the Quantative Reasoning General Edcuation requirement

Does not meet the Quantative Reasoning General Edcuation requirement

4 The upper-division field methods requirement may also be satisfied by taking an archaeological Field School from an approved institution.  Consult a SSHA advisor